Krugerrand Price

check the Krugerrand price: weight & market situation is responsible The reason the 1-oz Krugerrands is so popular is because of its reasonable prices, genuine quality and the purity of gold. Some gold coins may have a value that is far higher than their gold content alone. In most cases though it is fair to say that most gold coins are valued mainly from their gold content. Once the gold spot price fluctuates in the market, the 1 oz gold coins price changes correspondingly.

Different sizes of gold bullion Krugerrand carries different premiums, and Krugerrand price is also affected by such factors as condition (circulated versus uncirculated) and special feature, such as proof coins. Besides the gold spot price, you have to add premium for the gold coins when estimating gold Krugerrand price. These coins usually carry small premiums from 4% to 12% depending on the coin sizes and purchase quantity. Usually 1-oz coins carry the smallest premium but the smaller fractional sizes coins (1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz) carry higher premiums.

What effects the Krugerrand price?

  1. The current gold price is the most important factor when it comes to price a Krugerrand gold coin. If you buy a Krugerrand gold coin, you probably pay between 5% and 10% over the current gold price. When you sell a Krugerrand gold coin, you probably loose 5% of its current gold value.
  2. Demand is another price factor. If the demand for Krugerrand gold coins is high, you probably pay more.
  3. Supply is also to consider. If the South African mint would decide to stop minting Krugerrand gold coins, the Krugerrand value would very likley increase significantly.

Buy Gold Krugerrands

1oz Krugerrand orders usually are filled with mixed dated coins but sometimes tubes contain coins dated the same year. Today, South African Krugerrands prices are usually less than American Gold Eagle prices. I recommend 1oz gold coins over gold and silver bars and gold or silver ingots because they’re far easier to buy, store, and transport, and do not incur the additional costs of assaying when it is time for you to sell. And it is easy to sell these coins if you want.

Krugerrand Proof Coin

Krugerrand proof coins are minted to have an additional numismatic value- or a value for collectors on top of the gold value. 1oz Krugerrand proof coins have a limited mintage, or number of coins produced. The proof coins also have quite a bit of special handling. The Rand Refinery specially polishes the blanks. Then the press operator at the mint hand loads the blanks, which are then double stamped to produce the highest quality impression on the coin. They also have special features to set them apart – for example a frosted finish, as well as more reeds on the edge of the coin. Gold bullion Krugerrand proofs sets will also usually come with a numbered certificate of authenticity. All of these factors add up to scarcity, and scarcity leads to a higher price.