Krugerrands For Sale

Krugerrands are popular gold coins issued in South Africa by the South African Mint Company. They were first minted in 1967 and were first modern gold coins issued for private investors. These coins are very popular coins along with Canadian Maple Leaf coins and American Eagle coins. I recommend you to include the coins in your portfolio (among with gold bullion bars) if you can find Krugerrands for sale.

The observe of this South African coin feature the profile of an early president of the Republic of South Africa – Paul Kruger. The reverse carries a male springbok – a national symbol of South Africa. The coin has serrated edges.

South African Krugerrands made from 22 karat gold alloy (gold purity is 91.67%).

Investing in Krugerrand coins

South African Krugerrands Gold coins is one of the most convenient and practical way of investing in physical gold. Gold Krugerrands are easy to buy, store, and sell. Krugerrand value is guaranteed as to gold content and weight by the government of the South Africa.

You can find the follow Krugerrands for sale: 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz. 1-oz coins have been minted since 1967 and the smaller sizes – from 1980.

There are also Krugerrand proof coins with a limited mintage and an additional numismatic value. Proof coins have the special features: more reeds on the edge of the coin and a frosted finish. They have to be sold with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The price for proof coins is higher than the price of ordinary Krugerrands.

South African Gold Krugerrand Price

These South African coins have no actual face value. The price of the coin is the price of their gold content and a small premium over spot gold (from 4% to 10%). You can find current spot gold price on our site.

South African Krugerrand for sale
South African Krugerrand for sale
I recommend you to buy 1-oz coins because they carry the smallest premium. The smaller fractional sizes coins (1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz) usually carry higher premium. 1/10 oz coin has the highest premium.

The price of 1-oz coin are less than the price of 1-oz American Gold Eagle price.

How to find Krugerrand coins for sale

You can find these coins for sale at local coin shops and local dealers. Try to find a dealer who can offer you the lowest premium.

You can also find South African Gold Krugerrand for sale online. There are a lot of sellers who sell gold coins and other gold and silver bullion coins on Ebay. Always check the seller’s feedbacks. There are a lot of offers on Amazon too.